Lifelike. Limitless. Anonymous.


VR provides a seamless sense of personal, social, and environmental presence, making virtual spaces feel real and shared.

Foretell Reality offers distinct environments and tools to realistically stimulate various business and entrepreneurial situations including networking with other professionals, negotiating with company executives and pitching a business idea, to potential investors.


VR learners are 3.75x more emotionally connected to their training content than in-person learners.

Unrestricted by physical location and available at any time, participants can embody different physical appearances, genders, and races to enhance empathy and understanding all while navigating any scenario imaginable.


VR embodiment gives users control over their physical appearance, allowing them to focus on the activity rather than their outside perception.

With Foretell Reality, participants are given the opportunity to build confidence in business settings by remaining anonymous throughout the simulation. Anonymity, through appearance and also voice masking, also allows those within the same organization to improve professional skills without the judgement from other colleagues. 

Usage Opportunities

Curriculum Enhancement

Classroom and online study to advance soft skills and language learning.

Team Building

Remote and in-person exercises and games to hone teamwork skills.

Hiring Assessments

True-to-life workplace scenarios designed to evaluate potential hires.

Business Skills

Scenarios to practice listening, speaking, negotiation, networking, and other skills.

Workplace Simulations

Simulations for anything from customer service issues to doctor-patient visits.

Interpersonal Coaching

Remote coaching for dating, conflict management, self-awareness and more.

Case Study: Fordham University

Participating in role-play exercises improves soft skills, but making role-play convincing, effective, and accessible for those not comfortable with acting and improvisation can be difficult.

In response to this challenge, Fordham University turned to Foretell Reality to help their business students learn key professional skills by acting out real-world scenarios in virtual environments. With new names, genders, appearances, and voices, students are immersed in simulations designed to improve skills like negotiation and networking.

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