Students at the University of Maryland are now using Foretell Reality to study supply chain management remotely, immersing themselves in 3D warehouse management simulations. Beginning with 45 headsets, the program features a month-long series of team-based as well as self-paced learning modules students can complete from wherever they wish. Together, students will be able to go into Foretell Reality’s VR warehouse to make inventory assessments, familiarize themselves with the environments, and learn how to overcome real-life challenges they might face.

The Power of VR

Senior Lecturer and Academic Director of MS in Supply Chain Management Humberto Coronado says “They will be prepared with a higher level of knowledge and capabilities – far beyond what they can get just from a textbook,”. “They’ll be able to go into a job interview with real examples from these facilities.” Anthony Marcelli from the class of 24′ is also excited about the learning opportunity and how it might uniquely prepare him for a career. “I’ve talked to a lot of different employers and recruiters in supply chain and 90% of what you learn happens in the warehouse, hands-on, in-person, and that’s just something you don’t get sitting in a classroom,” he said. “I think this is just going to give us some opportunities that we never would have had before.”

Our Partnership

Foretell Reality’s Business Manager Giana Bartko, who accompanied the project from the start adds “Working with the team at the Smith School of Business has been wonderful. Traveling to the University and offering white-glove in-person support to students during their first moments in VR was a really great experience.” She explains, “The class includes modules on getting familiar with VR, learning how to navigate a virtual warehouse, experiencing 360 videos of actual warehouse footage to give students perspective, as well as performing an inventory cycle count within the virtual experience.”

Foretell Reality is a social VR company that aims to enhance human connection. With our realistic virtual environments and simulations, we work with our partners to create engaging and informative programs that add value to educational experiences.

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