Dr. Shamir Yeger attended the EUSTORY Annual Network Meeting in Warsaw where he presented “Mission Possible”, a history learning program he co-created with Sparks Consulting Group. The program brings together Jewish and Arab teachers and students in Israel to meet in Foretell Reality and discuss different historical perspectives.

Historians in VR visiting a local Mosque together

The curriculum makes a unique use of VR as students from different religious and cultural backgrounds customize their avatars, and play games in immersive settings before they examine together 360-degree pictures of sites with historical significance to both groups – like in Old Jaffa and Ramla.

Historians on the streets of Old Jaffa in VR

The students learn how to evaluate historical continuity and change, discuss a range of personal perspectives, and think about the ethical dimension of historical facts and places. By using Foretell Reality tools, teachers and students who usually do not meet have a virtual field trip together where they learn from each other’s point of view without the typical pre-judgment that is usually driven by stereotypes, stigma, and geolocation.

3D Avatar of Dr. Shamir Yeger at the Ramla Market
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